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Flight Training
How do I get started? What does it cost to get my license? What is the training process like?
Why Fly Corona
We know you have a lot of choices in flight schools. Find out why we believe Fly Corona could be the best fit for you.
Intro Flights
Never flown a small plane before? Ready to start your flight training but you want to see what it's all about first? Take your first intro flight.

Welcome to Fly Corona

Thinking about getting your pilot's license? Ready for a new career in aviation? Fly Corona will offer you the best quality training at the most reasonable price around.

We're conveniently located between Orange County and the Inland Empire, and not far from Los Angeles County.

Our goal is to train safe, confident, competent pilots in a professional yet comfortable and friendly environment. We will guide you through the training process by utilizing an FAA approved curriculum and unique extra curricular programs, while providing tailored instruction that works for you. We believe that by saving our customers money, we will cultivate happy pilots who will enjoy their flight training experience, enabling them to continue to advance in their flight goals with us.

Our flight school is about more than just being a business. We want to create a community of aviators who grow and support each other as well as aviation as a whole.

Upcoming Events